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Charleston WV (local)

NOTE: Some meetings are temporarily closing due to local facility guidelines or group conscience; please, be sure to check the on-line meeting list before heading out to a meeting.

  • As possible, Zoom ID#s are listed below on the meeting list; you will need to open Zoom, click join and then type in the ID#.
  • Some meetings have the link listed; you can just click on the link to go into the meeting.
  • You can click on the format tab below and bring up all on-line meetings
  • Meetings that are closed and are not holding zoom meetings are “unpublished”; the information is still in the BMLT data base, but they do not show up in the list at all.
  • The even newer new format code, “TC”, indicate that the physical meeting is temporarily closed; the code, “VW”, means the meeting is a virtual meeting (that is changed from WEB, and the COVID19 code is gone and has been replaced by the TC
  • If you see a meeting that appears to be open on the list, but you know it is not – please contact the web servant at mountaineer.region.web@gmail.com

We have also added a link (to the menu on the right) for some other on-line and phone meetings world-wide.  NA.org also has links to virtual meetings world-wide.

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