PO BOX 2381

MORGANTOWN, WV  26502-2381

HELPLINE:         304-344-4442





CHAIR:                       David H.                     RSD/RD:                    Rick S.


VICE CHAIR:             vacant                         RSD/RD ALT:            Cooper B.     


TREASURER:           Diane T.                     TREASURER II:        vacant


SECRETARY:           vacant.





CONVENTION:         Bert J.                         PHONELINE:             Candie M.


PI:                                Wes R.                       H&I:                             Trevor N.


LITERATURE:           vacant                         FINANCE:                  Diane T.


P&A:                           vacant





NCWVASC:              Trevor N.                    AFASCNA:                Jesse D.

ALT:                            Robert O.                  ALT:                            Scott G.


NANA:                        Allen L.                       METRO:                     Rick B.           

ALT:                            Shane M.                    ALT:                            vacant


MANA:                        Kay M.                        GTO:                           vacant

ALT:                            vacant                         ALT:                            Debbie H.


FANA:                        Ted B.                         SCURA:                     Patty G.

ALT:                            Kristina S.                  ALT:                            vacant


Member List



Allen L


Bert J


Candie M


Cooper B.


David H


Diane T


Jerry A


Jesse D.


*Kay M


Kristina S.


*Patty G


*Rick B.


Rick S.


Rick W.


*Robert O.


*Shane M.


Ted B.


Trevor N.


Wes R.


Bold = present at January RSC wkend

* = voting member






January 8, 2006


·        Dave H. opened with prayer.

·        Rick S. read 12 Traditions.

·        Kay M.  read 12 Concepts



Secretary’s Report- Dave H read the July minutes.  Kay pointed out that the MANA Report was from 2005, due to her including the wrong file in the minutes.  She passed out the correct report.  Shayne asked that the motions be numbered using the traditional method.  A motion to accept corrected minutes was made, seconded and accepted by consensus by the committee.


Treasurer's Report – see appendix-1


RD Report - Greetings fellow addicts, The next World Service Conference will be April 23 – 29, 2006 in woodland Hills, California.  As the Conference Agenda Report (CAR) will be included in the MRSCNA minutes, I will just highlight a few points.  The main point is that the WSC is continuing its move towards a discussion-based conference and away from a motion-driven conference.  The main focus of the conference will be the four issue discussion topics out for discussion and input this conference cycle.  These are

·        atmosphere of recovery,

·        leadership,

·        our public image, and

·        infrastructure. 

I strongly recommend that members read the discussions of these topics in the CAR and give feedback to your ASRs, however your areas choose to do this.  Then at the regional committee in April, the ASRs can give me the region’s conscience on these issues which I will take to WSC 2006, along with your vote on the three regional motions in the CAR.   To summarize the 3 regional motions:

1.      (Northern New York) To develop a glossary of recovery terms typically used in Narcotics Anonymous;

2.      (Ohio Region) To develop a fellowship-approved Identity Statement;

3.      (German Speaking Region) To change the time frame for approval form recovery literature from the current minimum of 150 days to a minimum of 1 year.

I also encourage members who are interested in service at the world level (work groups, world board members, human resource panel, conference facilitators) to fill out the World Pool Information Form and send it in.

                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        Rick S.                       


RDA Report-


Cooper B  was sick; he offered for the committee to call him.  We declined.


Car Workshop scheduled for March 4 at Noon.  Region will give the Areas a copy of the CAR.  After the workshop; Members will take information back to their areas and ASRs will bring input to the next region.


GTO-  absent



Greetings from Metro!  Metro is alive and kicking.  We are grateful to add a new meeting to the schedule, upping our total to nine meetings a week.  we have restarted our Regional Jail H&I meeting and are still carrying the message into Charleston Work release.  We have no needs from Region at this time – other than continued support and our meetings listed on Regional Schedule

Grateful to Serve,

Metro ASR



Our Area Service hasn’t met but one time since last region.

We have a new meeting on Saturday night at 1st Christian Church in Logan.  It is being run by a treatment facility and they all get out on January 26th.  We’re going to see how it goes for a little while before we will put them on the schedule.  I don’t know if they are going to be a part of the area.  More will be revealed.  The pager is getting 1 – 2 calls a week.  We are all due for a phone line work shop.  we had our last one at Holden last December (04).  Public Information has lit., our meeting schedules are being put at Magistrate Offices.  Logan Mental Health gets them, on the radio.  We are threatening to have a flyer day.

Love you all.

Patty G.





During the past quarter the Mountain Area groups have had strong attendance.    The We Do Recover Group is growing in numbers, and having consistently larger meetings.  The Do or Die meeting in Clifton Forge continues to have two meetings a week,  and the Lewisburg Group has several new regular members.

The area’s Winter Holiday Extravaganza was held on December 11.  Unfortunately, due, perhaps, to some misunderstandings and lack of effective communication, the event was poorly attended.   However, the food was delicious and the ones of us who attended had a great meal and listened to a great speaker after the dinner.

Covington’s We Do Recover Group voted at their most recent Group Conscience to withdraw from the Mountain Area and go independent.  Certainly this action will offer a time of adjustment and an opportunity for growth for each group.   With our Higher Power’s help, perhaps we can take advantage of this opportunity and grow stronger in our recovery.   I guess that was a personal comment, not a report on area conscience.   More will be revealed as we work through this challenge.

The Lewisburg Group celebrated one three year anniversary during the quarter, and looks forward to several multiyear anniversaries over the next quarter, God willing.

The Lewisburg group did a PI presentation at the local community college, which was well received.  The instructor was quite vocal and attempted to corner us into offering opinions on all sorts of topics, but we managed to keep our traditions and our sanity throughout. 

Our pager is being carried regularly; we received 5 calls, which I will be honest and say were not answered by yours truly.  

MANA offers the same donation of $100 to the region  that we offered last quarter, as the check never made it into the treasurer’s hands. 

Thanks to the RSC for this opportunity to share.


Submitted by Kay M., ASR




            Greeting from the NANA area let see if I can remember how to do this as it’s been awhile. Ah yes I remember keep it short, keep your opinions to yourself and don’t air your dirty laundry in print.


            All our GSR`s are reporting average attendance but not much talk of many new members joining home groups. Their has been a number of celebrations so the old one are still around.  We did have 4 of 5 GSR`s attend our last ASC that seams to be the norm for us although it seams to a different one missing each month. Alt`s are in short supply it seams.


            PI is doing ok we are continuing to do PI mailing to every place we can come up with. We also have a list that we send updated Regional meeting schedules every quarter.

            We are working on a project to place our NA business cards in places we think addicts may run into them, but are having problems finding businesses willing to take them.

            One thing that does seam to be a success is we are placing bulletin boards with NA readings our Help Line number etc in treatment centers. We have placed three so far and we keep them updated with new schedules.

            The newest thing is we have restocked our PI presentation display with lots of literature and will be using it for PI work as well as setting it up at all our area functions. We feel we may attract more newcomers as well as helping support NA services world wide with this rather large order to the



            Phone line is reporting that calls have dropped to almost nothing. The only addict wishing to talk to a volunteer was high at the time. We do feel that we may need to refine the scrip that Capitol Paging is using so to make it more clear to the caller that they can easily speak with a volunteer. We also want to know how we are keeping track of the calls now.


            H&I is servicing two facilities. They are mostly group projects with the area support being mainly funding. H&I has also made a large literature order from world and is trying to make sure that treatment centers, halfway house etc. libraries in our area have Basic Text to read or lend out.


            Activities is quiet till spring but we do wish to thank all the came out to support us this year and look forward to this year as always.


            Literature is inactive at this time except for some sharing about the PR workbook.


            P&A will be looking into how often we hold a ASC with thoughts of not meeting monthly but bi-monthly or quarterly.


            Almost finished now let see. We have opened up the ASC sharing session to allow more back and forth dissuasion .We now have a EIN number so we can get our SS numbers off the bank account at last We held elections and with few exceptions we just swapped hats around. The ASR hat fell on me this time around. I will be happy to answer any question about NANA land or point you to someone more informed than I.


                                                                                                     In service

                                                                                                        Shayne M. ASR NANA            



AFASCNA- absent



All is well in the North Central Area.  We are currently serving 15 home groups and 30 meetings. a week.  We are also serving 13 H&I meetings a month.

We are still attempting to fill vacant area positions but have faith that everything will take care of itself.

Our New Year’s dance was a success despite low attendance.  The Activities Subcommittee is currently planning events for this spring – More will be revealed.

We are making a donation of $33 to the region.

Yours in loving service,

Rob O


FANA- absent



MOTIONS from the Areas:


Motion 01-01/06:  from NANA 

To substitute this motion for the Regional motion #5 raising travel expenditures.


C.  Routine Expenditures

current language:

“Fund all RSC officers for food, lodging, and $0.25 a mile for travel on an as needed basis to fulfill their regional duties.”


“Fund all RSC officers for food lodging and $0.35 a mile for travel on an as needed basis to fulfill their regional duties.”


Intent: to clarify the motion







Hospitals and InstitutionsTrevor N., Chair

  • SCURA - There is currently no H&I meetings going on.  Jail meeting disbanded.

  • MANA - Still have not gotten back into Anthony Correctional Center. No H&I commitments

  • North Central – 13 H&I meetings a month

    • 4 at Pruntytown

    • 4 at Monthat Fairmont General

    • 4 at FCI Morgantown

    • 1 at Huttonsville

    • Had requests from a regional jail in Elkins, and a Federal Prison near Maryland.  Unable to staff these because of a lack of participation.

  • NANA – 1 H&I commitment. Tiger H. Morton – going in twice a month.  Also, going into Pressley Ridge.  However this one is being sponsored by a home group.

  • Metro – Regional Jail H&I meeting started back up.  Also, doing Charleston Work Release program.  Lost Federal Halfway House commitment.   Meeting may start back up soon.

  • GTO – Currently, have 3 H&I commitments.  Western Regional Jail meeting still going on.  Had an orientation meeting for two more people going in.  Also, serving Park West and River Park Adolescent Unit.

Public Information  - Wes R, Chair

 We met with 12 members present. We started out with Area reports.

 N. Central has a new PI Chair and is trying to back on track. They are trying to locate the PI supplies so they can get started. They want 550 meeting schedules total.

 Metro received a request from the Denmar corr. facility about lit. It was given to the Mt. Area to follow up on. They did send along some lit. to the inmate. They want 400 total schedules

 S. Coalfields ahs had the radio and newspaper PSA’s running. A flyer day is in the making. They want 250 total schedules.

 NANA is still putting the PSA’s on the local cable Co. They are putting out 250 meeting schedules to places on their mailing list. Most of which are delivered in their local area. They are getting a PI display put together for future use. They have three bulletin boards placed in treatment centers that have the readings, updated meeting schedules and activities placed on them. They want 550 meeting schedules total.

 MANA had a PI presentation at the Community College that went well. They did respond to the inmate request they received and sent IP’s and white books. They want 200 total schedules.

 We didn’t have a report from or request from the Freedom, GTO or Appy. Areas.

We moved on to discussion about switching the section that has lines to write down phone numbers on with the section on the back that has other regions help-line numbers. It was agreed upon and the Chair will contact Rob with this and the updates and see what he can do.

 The web-site was discussed and the Chair will contact Rob and get the info needed to access the page and make changes. It will be given to Kay who is willing to take this job. It was also brought up that we need a way for people who wish to download the meeting info on the site to be able to do this without having to print 10 pages. The Chair will contact Rob and see about a PDF file to do this with.  Wes R./ Chair

Phone line SubcommitteeCandie M., Chair 

Hi Guys.

The new system seems to be working out good.

We were late giving them the new meeting schedule but this was a quick and easy fix.

I have yet to get a new pager to replace the old broken/ lost phone chair pager. The Answering Service has been contacting me by my cell phone and this has been working well.

Jeff the manager at Capital Radio reported that things were running smooth for them. He stated that they receive up to thirty calls daily requesting meeting schedule information.

They receive at least one to three calls a week needing additional information in which they contact me.

 The calls I have picked up are few. One was regarding meeting information for a treatment center in which I passed this number to the H&I chair.

One was a strange fellow who was complaining about a local meeting. He sounded like he was still using. He continued to call on and off for a couple of weeks both my cell phone and the 800 number.  A couple calls were family members trying to find help for their using loved one.

 Eight numbers have been turned in for phone line. If this is correct then I hope we can get more people trained to answer calls. I hope we have missed a few and that if this information could be gathered before Regional Service it might become a longer list.

It was requested at the service meetings that areas use their phone line notebook to record their calls. And also if ASRs could bring it to next service in April it would be easier to see how the pagers are working. Your participation would be appreciated.

Included in my report is the format of how the answering service would handle a call. I hope it proves to be reassuring to those who still have lingering doubts, also to provide basic information in case it needs critiquing.

                                                Happy to Serve, Candie




Capital Radio answers: Narcotics Anonymous answering service would you like to speak to a member of Narcotics Anonymous? Then they would get a phone number and page a member in that area. If the call were not picked up then they would send off a statewide. If the call still goes unanswered they page the Phoneline Chair. (Or in this case they call my cell phone and or house phone.) Then the PL Chair takes care of the call. 

Or would you like meeting information? Then the Answering service would give them, local meeting information.



Convention SubcommitteeBert J, Chair

Greetings.  It’s a good day to be clean.  Thanks to Patty G. for chairing in October.  We have several things to do today.

I have gone over past motions  - after the latest policy.  I ???? minutes from Jan 04 and Oc 04.  Hopefully we can review them during the next subcommittee meeting.

The last convention went well.  The only problem was a broken door during the dance at the Assembly Hall.  Allen called me about 1 AM and I got the security to come and tape door.  Cedar Lakes said there would be no charge.

The indigent packages were below $500.  Jim M. gave his package to a newcomer and Jack S. ave part of his meal tickets and 2nd person in his room to a newcomer.  Diane paid this after convention as requested. 

The Public Relations meeting was well attended by locals and out of towners with much participation. 

Today we need to select speakers, decide what to do with old merchandise, elect a refreshment VC, get CD person selected (I have a proposal).  Select artwood, money motions, etc.  So let’s begin with reports from Convention Subcommittees:

            V. Chair Patty G.  written report

            Registration Chair Shayne M. written report

            Refreshment Chair Trevor N. oral report 

(everything went well.)

            Merchandise chair Rick S. oral report 

(a few pieces of merchandise left, mostly mugs (40))

Old Business

·        Reports from all subcommittee chairs

·        Discussion about left over merchandise

·        Tax ID Cedar Lakes has it.


New Business

·        Fall Convention – Nov 3, 4, 5, 2006

·        We can reserve 2007 Spring Convention rooms on Saturday afternoon of 2006 Fall Convention

·        Book Donations for Spring 2006 Spring Convention:

o       Outer Limits

o       Valley Recovery

o       Freedom thru Surrender

o       We do Recover

o       Hope out the hollow

o       Lewisburg Group

·        Art work voted on – 2 groups painting;  Fill the Void.

·        We will have 40 pictures.

·        Rooms are reserved. – one for Mr. Bill and one for Andy H. per committee.We had to reprint fliers for convention; Cedar Lakes gave us wrong information.  All areas except GTO receiving 100 fliers.  Kay took FANA, Diane took App. Foothills.  Rooms left over as of today:

o       2 Holt

o       6 Cedars

o       8 Lakes

o       8 Mountaineer

·        I requested all future Saturday evening speaker meetings be in the Dining Hall.

·        The reason Cedar Lakes went to current system is because it was state mandated to have addresses and telephone numbers in case Cedar Lakes has to be closed for shelter from a natural disaster.  The plans that the government sent to Louisiana were to bring people here.  They were not needed, so we came close to not having a convention this past fall.

·        Speakers chosen

o       Friday – Christa A. – WV

o       Saturday – Judy H. – Ohio

o       Sunday – John W – Ohio

o       Joe B alt.  WV

·        Motions that were sent to the RSC:

1.      $3500 for startup convention fund – consensus

2.      Andy H. elected for 2 conventions for CDs and 2 packages ( 1 room in Holt ) $60 needed for 150 CDs and $215 for 2 packages – consensus

3.      Jack S. elected for music 2 ??? packages (1 room) plus $100 + 85.33+85.33 for a total of $270.66  -- consensus

4.      Doug H. ok to sell NA approved literature (sell with venders at his discretion; spring only; 3% markup)  --  consensus

5.      To change policy to sell all leftover merchandise at next convention at $1 above cost, then distribute leftovers to the ASRs at the next RSC  -- consensus

In loving service,

Bert J, Convention Chair

Patty G. Convention Vice Chair


FALL 2005 Convention Registration Report


            Greetings from the registration team we had a very successful fall convention. I would first like to thank all the members of the team for the bang-up job. Everyone from the preproduction folks to the huggers at the table. We had multiple  proofreaders as well as a member who took care of the printing. At the convention we had folders and staplers and lets not forget those money takers. Good job team and lets do it again in the spring.


            We heard very little of complaints not even the new pre registration seamed to be a problem. We also believe that the having rooms open for the late night activities was a success.


            Now the bottom line. We had $300.00 for supplies and returned $93.00 to the Treasure. We also had $200.00 in startup for change and took in $4967.96 in registration fees plus $70.96 was put in the 7th tradition can. That makes the final total.

 $4967.96 Reg. Fees

 $0070.96 7th Trad.

 $5038.92 Amount taken in

-$0200.00 Start up

-$0207.00 supplies – printing, tags etc.

 $4631.92 Total


            If there’s any else anyone wishes to know just ask and we will do our best to answer. Don’t forget that we will be back in the spring so just show up early and we will put you to work.

                                                                             Thanks for letting us serve

                                                                                   The Convention Registration Team

                                                                                          Shayne M  reg. chair                                


Convention Vice Chair Report


Fall Convention – all of the chair people for the workshops showed up.  Attendance was well attended, standing room only.  The only exception was for the Traditions 1 – 6  Workshop.  Only chair showed up.  Maybe we need only one traditions topic meeting.

When we were “spot cleaning” after the convention, one of the men’s bathrooms was stopped up – a big mess.  I called Cedar Lakes to have it fixed.  I rescued our banner


Patty G. Convention Vice chair


Literature Subcommittee- (inactive)


Finance Subcommittee-  (notes by RSC chair)

 The finance committee met Saturday evening and reviewed up coming expenses.


Projected Expenses through April:


RD travel - Zonal Forum.………….…....................$ 200.oo

RD travel – MARLCNA………….……………...…..$ 500.oo

RD Alt travel – WSC……………………………..….$1000.oo

Spring Convention…………………..….   …………$4045.66

General estimated operating expenses…. ………$1400.oo

                         Totals Expenditure                     $7145.66

Prudent reserve………….………….……………....$2500.oo 

                         Total funds required                   $9645.66



                    RSC-BBF …………………………..…$9681.80


                Note: RSC 1/08/06 expenses and Area Donations were not included in BBF!



No NAWS donation this quarter recommended.

We need nominations for Treasure II.  Diane T. has expressed willingness for another term as Treasure.



P&A Subcommittee Report

Some policy motions were missing from the latest policy update, Shayne will produce a policy addendum page to be attached to the policy document dated 1/01/06.

   We will be looking into developing a Human resource pool for our region. The David H. will write up a general plan to be presented at the next P&A meeting in April.  A HRP form is included in the appendices for review and input. Please bring any ideas you might have to next meeting.


  New tax ID forms will be filled out and mailed this month by the chair.


 Also included in the meeting were discussions on RD’s ability to make motions and weather the Subcommittee Chairs should be included with the RSC officers as reimbursable for travel to the RSC. 


Motion:   To change policy, Add Subcommittee chairs or vice chairs to section VIII; C #11 to read: “Fund all RSC officers, Subcommittee chairs or vice chairs………”.


This motion will be presented at the next RSC.





Chairs notes:

The normal order of business at the January RSC had to be suspended due to not having a quorum of ASR’s on Sunday (5 of 8 Areas must be present to vote on motions and conduct the business of the RSC).  It is important that Areas send representatives to the RSC so the work of PI, Phoneline, Convention & WSC input can be done according to our service structure.    




Motion 01-01/06:  from NANA  as a substitute motion for M#5 from 10/1/05 RSC

To substitute this motion for the Regional motion #5 raising travel expenditures.


C.  Routine Expenditures

current language:

“Fund all RSC officers for food, lodging, and $0.25 a mile for travel on an as needed basis to fulfill their regional duties.”


“Fund all RSC officers for food lodging and $0.35 a mile for travel on an as needed basis to fulfill their regional duties.”


Intent: to clarify the motion

Result: carried 3 to 2





Motion 02-01/06:  from Convention Subcommittee

$3500 for startup convention fund

Intent: Carry the message

Result: carried by consensus


Motion 03-01/06:  from Convention Subcommittee

to select Jack S. as DJ for the dance for Spring Convention; Jack has requested 2  packages (1 room) plus $100  (85.33+85.33 +100 for a total of $270.66)

Intent: Dance, Dance, Dance

Result: carried by consensus


Motion 04-01/06:  from Convention Subcommittee

to accept Andy H.’s offer to record the speakers and a couple of topic meetings at the next 2 conventions;  cost will be $60 for CDs and 2 packages ( 1 room in Holt ) for a total of $275  

Intent: carry the message

Result: carried by consensus


Motion 05-01/06:  from SCURA

to play IP readings while on hold waiting on the phone

Intent: to hear the message when we call the helpline

Result:  tabled - sent to the phone line committee


Motion 06-01/06:  from Finance Subcommittee

to fund travel to Autonomy Zonal Forum and MARLCNA for RD and Rd alt. 

$500 for MARLCNA; $200 for Autonomy Zonal Forum

Intent: to assist our region in carrying the message to the addict who still suffers, through regional service

Result: carried by consensus


Motion 07-01/06:  made by NANA; seconded by SCURNA

to order 10 CARs at a cost of $5 each plus shipping.  the motion is for $55

Intent: to carry the message

Result: carried by consensus



Please bring nominations back to the April RSC for Regional officers:



          Vice Chair



          Treasure II

          RD Alt


A resume form is included in the Appendices.

  (If you are asked for a user name and password, simply cancel the request.)





·        SCURA:  We need support (your butt in our chairs!) for clean time celebrations at the Outer Limits Group:  Monday 7, 2006 1-2 year clean Jan 23rd 1-16 year March 20th – 6 yr. April 3rd – 1-6 year.

·        CAR Workshop/Discussion @ Cedar Lakes  March 4th  Noon – until….

·        Spring MRSCNA:

o       Saturday April 1, 2006

§         Open with prayer Noon

§         Reports and Subcommittees until 3:00

§         Convention Subcommittee 3:00- 5:00

§         Dinner 5:00 – 6:00

§         Public Information Subcommittee 6:00 – 7:00

§         Other subcommittees if time permits

o       Sunday, April 2, 2006

§         Open with prayer 9:00 am

§         last Subcommittees

§         Regional Service Committee

§         Close around Noon.