To make a 7th Tradition donation from a group, area or an individual NA member to the Mountaineer Region of NA, pay through Venmo @mrscna

  1. Create a Venmo account if necessary; click on the Pay/Request button
  2. type in @mrscna; this brings up the Region’s account; name: Mrs Cna; Profile pic: NA symbol
  3. enter the amount of the donation; enter what it is for; click on the Pay button
  4. If the Venmo app asks for the last four digits of the phone number associated with the account, type in 0508
  5. Thank you for your 7th Tradition donation

Drug Problem? Need to find a meeting or talk to a member?   Call our HELP LINE
Charleston WV (local)

NOTE: Some meetings are temporarily closing due to local facility guidelines or group conscience; please, be sure to check the on-line meeting list before heading out to a meeting.

  • As possible, Zoom ID#s are listed below on the meeting list; you will need to open Zoom, click join and then type in the ID#.
  • Some meetings have the link listed; you can just click on the link to go into the meeting.
  • You can click on the format tab below and bring up all on-line meetings
  • Meetings that are closed and are not holding zoom meetings are “unpublished”; the information is still in the BMLT data base, but they do not show up in the list at all.
  • The even newer new format code, “TC”, indicate that the physical meeting is temporarily closed; the code, “VW”, means the meeting is a virtual meeting (that is changed from WEB, and the COVID19 code is gone and has been replaced by the TC
  • If you see a meeting that appears to be open on the list, but you know it is not – please contact the web servant at mountaineer.region.web@gmail.com

We have also added a link (to the menu on the right) for some other on-line and phone meetings world-wide.  NA.org also has links to virtual meetings world-wide.

Web Servant, Disclaimer, & Notices